Diary of a sick black woman 5 of 6

Funny, you never really realise you have a favourite until someone else steps in. Or in my case you don’t realise you have a favourite healthcare assistant and till the one you’ve always had switches shift. I’m going to call my favourite HCA Marie. Obviously her name isn’t Marie but when I asked her what she wanted her blog alias to be that was what she chose. Now I couldn’t really tell you if she goes the extra mile or whether she’s the only one that does the job properly but she sure makes it harder for anyone else to measure up. Continue reading Diary of a sick black woman 5 of 6

Diary of a sick black woman: 4 of 6

I am really losing track of days now; my memory is becoming a blur in the monotony of hospital life. So yesterday was interesting, I had a surgeon come and see me in the morning and tell me that I would be discharged. I found that astounding. Here am I not able to walk more than 4 steps with no one at home to care for me no wheelchair to take home and in a flat which is not wheelchair compatible and I was being discharged. This made me absolutely terrified. I decided that I would not leave this ward until I had an acceptable care plan in place. I gritted my teeth and I bore down ready to fight this thing out. Continue reading Diary of a sick black woman: 4 of 6

Diary of a sick black woman: part 3

Another day another diagnosis. I’m feeling pretty stressed out today. I’m having conflicting messages from different surgeons. The first surgeon that came to see me said that this pain that I was feeling, the pain that is worse than my original pain, is expected as a possible side effect of the procedure. I was told there was nothing to worry about and it would wear off. My concern is that I had a new pain. I have pain in the front of my legs where I didn’t have pain before. Continue reading Diary of a sick black woman: part 3

Finance from scratch

It was amazing to me to find out that having no credit is just as bad as having low credit. In 2016 I had a credit score so low I had to check it thrice. I didn’t know scores went that low. But owing to personal situations I had no credit history for almost 10 years. The only thing I had going for me was being on the electoral register but other than that there was nothing.

Lenders like to see what you have been like with money. They are not going to know that you order things through your neighbours Littlewoods catalogue and never miss a payment. They wont know that you throw a hand and a half of pardna with the lady from church. Many of us live a cash lifestyle. Continue reading Finance from scratch

My blog: The Next Chapter

I have favourite blogs and favourite bloggers, read this post from on of my favourites Bearded Igor Blogs and see what you think.

Bearded Igor Blogs

I’m still pinching myself at the numbers I am receiving and the targets I have hit. It’s insane numbers but one I am truly Proud of. But after hitting 10,000 views and 500 followers it’s time for me to change things up and progress to the next chapter of my journey.

Starting on Monday 3rd September I will no longer be doing daily blogging. It’s not a decision I have taken lightly. What I will be doing is posting 4 times a week posting on Monday. Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

The reason? There are a number of reasons why. Firstly is my book. As you all know I am writing a book of short stories and poems. Recently I have been struggling to find the time to write and post at the same time and blog seemed to have taken priority so have fallen behind schedule. Those extra few days…

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Why are you in that wheelchair/scooter if you can walk?

When the pain is too much we need help, not judgement

Mezzie Learns

When you’re a part-time user of a mobility device, people seem to get confused. Someone might see me in a scooter one day, then see me walking the next and congratulate me on my miraculous recovery. The more cynical might accuse me of faking my disability. Quite frankly, I’m tired of explaining it several times a day, so I’m writing this blog post as something I can send people to read on their own time so we can talk about other things when we’re together. At the bottom of this mythbusting post where I address things I have heard at least a dozen times, you will find links to blogs of other part-time wheelchair and scooter users so you can start recognizing and combating the misconceptions and myths society has about people who use mobility devices.

Myth #1: You don’t need a wheelchair or scooter if you can walk at…

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And it starts!

I’ve always been a chatterbox, I’ve never been accused of having nothing to say. That’s why it was strange how thrown I was when I decided to start a blog. My life and passions are so eclectic that I couldn’t imagine appealing to any one audience with a running commentary of my life. But instead of jumping in I decided to pick the few things that are important to me and focus on those. Continue reading And it starts!

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