Like many other people I have a love hate relationship with my body. I like myself in bits and pieces but as a whole I am dissatisfied. I am overweight. At 5′ 9″ (175cm) I currently weight 15st 13lbs (223lbs, 101kg) and have a BMI of 32.9. I made the decision to lose weight. One month later I suffered a ruptured disc in my back at L5/S1. As a result I now have bilateral sciatica (pain in both legs), as well as barely being able to walk or bend without pain and muscle weakness.

As I wait the very long NHS wait to have a discectomy I am looking at ways to lose weight without being able to exercise. Also I am going to look into exercises and methods to reduce my back pain so that I can exercise more and reach my healthy goal weight of 10st 7lbs (151lbs, 68.5kg).

Filter my blogs by the category Health to read more on this journey.

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