And it starts!

I’ve always been a chatterbox, I’ve never been accused of having nothing to say. That’s why it was strange how thrown I was when I decided to start a blog. My life and passions are so eclectic that I couldn’t imagine appealing to any one audience with a running commentary of my life. But instead of jumping in I decided to pick the few things that are important to me and focus on those. The things that I feel I have had some success in, or at least a vast amount of determination to succeed, and share them with people on the same journey or even just vaguely interested.


I hope you enjoy reading my blog. That being said this will split into three separate topics, feel free to follow just one or follow them all (I know following none should be an option but I am loathe to put it out there).



I am currently trying to better my education while maintaining a full time job. I know millions of people have done this before me but getting a degree in your 30’s is very different from getting one in your twenties. It can be an intimidating task and I hope you will share it with me.



There are a million and one blogs out there about weight loss and the sort and when I first thought of doing a blog I thought of documenting my weight loss journey, (substitute loss for gain where appropriate). I thought that having followers would hold me accountable. In fact, I had an accident that has greatly impacted my ability to walk and so this will be the journey of me trying to regain good health managing back pain, mobility issues and also, of course, my weight.



I feel like there was a large chunk of my life where I didn’t exist financially. I just didn’t see the point of getting credit or signing my name to things. I was a borderline conspiracy theorist when in reality I am not interesting enough for any government agency to take interest in! When I decided to nurse my credit score back to health it was a paltry 42. I didn’t know scores went that low. Discover how I got myself back on track and join me while I increase my standing further


In all these threads please feel free to interact and leave comments. Your feedback directs me and I would love to answer any questions you may have.


See you along the way!

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