Diary of a fat black woman

Here we go again…..

Weight. It seems to haunt each and every one of us. Whether we feel too fat or too thin, it is a rare specimen that feels happy with their body. I am with the majority, feeling very unhappy with myself but I believe that my feelings are warranted. I have never felt slim but then I guess the times I was at a healthy weight I was too young and carefree to notice.

If you have read any of my Diary of a sick black woman articles then you will know about my health issues over the last year. If you haven’t read them I will give you a quick run down. In April 2018 I ruptured a disc in my back which gave me some mobility issues. I had a day surgery in August 2018 to alleviate some of my symptoms and came out worse than I went in. I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease which means I will have limited mobility for life and will always suffer from chronic pain.

Limited mobility means that I am not burning as many calories as the average person. There was a period of time during which I was bed-bound and then slowly I began to learn to walk again and that contributed greatly to my weight gain. I now have a fulfilling life, going to work each day and out with the family but I have had to make changes to accommodate my needs. Unfortunately, one of the things I didn’t change was my eating habits, in fact they got worse. Because when you are in pain and barely able to move you don’t want to cook. You just want to pull up Just Eat and see who can deliver to your door. That means there was a lot of Chinese food, KFC and other take-aways in my life on a weekly basis.

So, having gotten to a larger than life weight I decided that I was going to try and lose some. I tried counting calories, Slimming World, Noom, I seemed to either not lose much weight at all or I’d fall off the wagon a few weeks in. This time I am sharing my weight loss journey with my readers and I hope this will give me enough accountability to stick with it.

1st August 2019 is the start date. I weighed in that morning at 16 stone and 7.75lbs. That’s approximately 232lbs which, at 5′ 9″, gives me a BMI of 33.1. According to the NHS BMI calculator a healthy weight for my height is 8st 13lb – 12st 1lb. I am going to aim for 12st. Losing 4st seems like a daunting quest but it has been done a hundred times before me and will be done a hundred times again, whether I am successful or not.

Some come along on this magic ride with me. Watch my vlog on my YouTube channel and give me a comment or two whether on here or on there. It may be an encouraging word, a recipe you want to share or even so exercise tips for ambulatory wheelchair users.

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