It’s not easy trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight when you have a sedentary lifestyle.

Since I ruptured a disc in my back and was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease I have gained over 35lbs. It seemed to creep up on me. I was so focused on learning to walk again and reducing my constant pain that I didn’t think about my weight.

Having a sedentary lifestyle means that exercising to lose weight is very difficult. I had tried wheelchair workouts but most included bending or lifting, neither of which I could do. So what is the solution?

My first stop was Slimming World. This seemed so great. There were so many success stories that I was an immediate convert. I brought my sister to group and she lost a stone, my mother reversed her pre-diabetes and lost a stone and a half and is happily living at target weight. I was not so successful.

Slimming World promotes cooking healthy meals and standing in the kitchen just caused my back to ache. Also, I am kinda lazy! I didn’t find the ready meals available in Iceland appealing and so I constantly made bad food choices.

My next stop was Parsley Box. After seeing the ad in a Mobility magazine I looked at the meals on the site and loved that the meals were both low in price and in calories. They tasted ok but were nothing to write home about and with that drive thru Mc D’s on my drive home, things still weren’t going well.

My next step was my GP. This was good because she referred me to the NHS Nutrition and Dietetics service and took bloods to see if there was a medical reason behind my inability to lose weight. In the meanwhile she asked me to practice intermittent fasting but I could eat normally during non fasting hours. I guess my normally is not actually normal. I followed that for two weeks and gained 5lbs.

The worse news is that my bloods came back and in addition to worrying results related to other things, I also now have high cholesterol.

That was the final straw. I’ve researched and decided to aim for a keto adapted state, this means getting into ketosis and staying there for a while but let me explain a bit further.


If this is something you’ve only heard skinny peeps taking about on TV and YouTube you are not alone. If you eat healthily your body should go into ketosis every day. We all know that carbs and sugars give the body the energy it needs to function. When your metabolism has finished all the glucose it has converted from your last meal it then resorts to burning your stored fat to function until you eat again. When your back boobs and buddha belly are being used to run your body ketones are produced. Monitoring these levels with strips are a good way to check if you are going in the right direction.

Keto fat adapted

Now although ketosis is widely spoken about keto fat adapted is a less common term. When you start your keto journey your body is still learning. For your whole life your body has always used the carbs and sugars from your food first and then, if you’re lucky, reached for your stored fat if it ran out. When you keep up a keto lifestyle for long enough your body adapts and gives in to using fats to fuel your body.

All those terrible side effects you’ve been battling lift like rain clouds caught in a summer breeze. The irritability, fatigue, lightheadedness, nausea, headaches, weakness, muscle twitches – all gone. These symptoms are your body throwing its toys out of the pram but, just like a belligerent baby, if you hold your ground the rewards are so very worth it.

When keto fat adapted you will feel fuller sooner, reducing overeating, the carb cravings will go away and your energy will increase. The icing on this low carb donut is the weight loss!

And now to me20190407_1838098633737516532050238.jpg

So after spouting all of this as if I were an expert I am inviting you to come along with me on this weight loss journey. Keep me accountable, give me tips, be encouraged. Whatever you take away from this let me know.

As I adjust and, hopefully, succeed I will keep you informed, share my recipes, chronic pain workout tips and (Lord, help me) maybe a photo or two.

Wish me luck. See you along the way.

6 thoughts on “Ke-what-sis?”

  1. Yes I’ve heard of ketosis… I think we spoke about it when I tried the Cambridge diet. That food looks yummy btw & keep up the good work….you got this!🙌🏽

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  2. Tish im so with you on this. I have been doing this since January and the feeling is amazing. I can say ive lost heqps of weight like others on the goggle box and other websites but its the feeling you get.
    I did it properly last year and my results were much better. But you can do this girl.
    One small step at a time. X

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