How Can You Love Me?

A poem about the insecurities we can face when we feel unworthy of love.

I’m not slim, I’m a little overweight

I can cook but I’m definitely not great

I can ride a bike but I can’t skate

So how can You love me?


My ex says I have an attitude

My teachers used to say I was bright but rude

Before I was Saved all my jokes were so crude

So how could You love me?


I’m strong outside but inside fragile as glass

I have faith on Sundays but some days it doesn’t last

I don’t want to say too much but You know my past

How could You love me?


If You don’t answer I think You’ve ignored me

At times I’m more interested in TV than Your glory

Smite me, but I’ve had more than one speaker bore me

You sure You can love me?


But Your love is shown through Your superior plan

What makes sense to You is madness to man

When I think I can’t You show me I can.

And all because You love me.


I can’t imagine sacrificing my child

Yet You sent Your Son out into the wild-

-ness of the earth to be disrespected and defiled

And all because You love me.


You sent Your Word to guide me through

Filled me with the Holy Spirit who

Comforts me when I don’t know what to do

And all because You love me.


So I will do my best with my every breath

To commit my life to you and have no regrets

To honour Your sacrifice and right until my death

Be worthy of Your love for me.

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