Anxiously waiting

Sitting at work today and I have checked my study record again on the off chance that my credit transfer has been done and I didn’t get an email. I really want to get all this started. I can’t wait to begin. I know initially that the adviser was asking me why I was applying so early as there was plenty of time but I am glad that I did. I knew that my situation was unique and it would take ages.

I finally got the copy of my credit from Pearsons and now the CT team have agreed to transfer 60 credits from my old credit transfer. That’s good because I have 60 with my HNC and so that should allow me to go straight into the 2nd year as planned.
I have bought a couple of note books and my daughter is rearranging my front room next weekend to set up my study area. When I think back to when I studied before I managed to get a 1st on two modules with half-hearted efforts and going through so much other stuff. I have high expectations for myself this time around, especially with the programming modules.

Instead of the three units I had planned to study this year to make up 120 credits. It seems I’m only allowed to study one. I suppose it’s only fair, they don’t want me overwhelming myself and failing again. Having chosen an Open Degree I had decided to mix my modules 50-50 between Creative Writing and Computing. It’s a strange mix I know but so am I, it’s amazing I didn’t manage to throw a  Music module in as well.

With my credit transfer approved and my restriction marker lifted I was now allowed to study. I chose Object Oriented Java programming. The only thing left to do now was wait for the funding to come though and the module website to open. That won’t be until 11 September and I am literally chomping at the bit. I have used the rest of my holiday at work to book every Monday off for the rest of the year starting in September in order to have my study days.

I managed to pass the first year with only 1 foot in the game, I’m going all in this time.




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