My blog: The Next Chapter

I have favourite blogs and favourite bloggers, read this post from on of my favourites Bearded Igor Blogs and see what you think.

Bearded Igor Blogs

I’m still pinching myself at the numbers I am receiving and the targets I have hit. It’s insane numbers but one I am truly Proud of. But after hitting 10,000 views and 500 followers it’s time for me to change things up and progress to the next chapter of my journey.

Starting on Monday 3rd September I will no longer be doing daily blogging. It’s not a decision I have taken lightly. What I will be doing is posting 4 times a week posting on Monday. Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

The reason? There are a number of reasons why. Firstly is my book. As you all know I am writing a book of short stories and poems. Recently I have been struggling to find the time to write and post at the same time and blog seemed to have taken priority so have fallen behind schedule. Those extra few days…

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